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The 6 Greatest Novelty Prom Dates

Prom (from "promenade") is a social rite of passage among high school students, usually at the end of senior year. The black-tie event marks the ending of high school as a celebration of friendships and years dedicated to learning and growing up. Prom has also been the setting of hijinks and other pranks as students take funny prom photos or show up with outlandish dates.

Prom dates may be romantic sweethearts or platonic friends, and LGBTQ+ students may take same-sex prom dates. Groups of friends often travel together to and from the prom in stretched limousines rented for the evening. 

Sometimes, the big night also includes celebrity prom dates. Or even cardboard cutouts. This is going to get weird.

  • Area Teen Scores Adult Film Star Prom Date

    Photo: The Daily Show with Jon Stewart / Comedy Central

    In February 2012, Mike Stone, a senior at Tartan High School in Oakdale, MN began bombarding singers, models, reality TV stars, Kardashians, Playboy Playmates, and adult film stars to pop that big question: "Will you go to prom with me?" He reportedly asked more than 200 low-level celebrities, wooing them with such promises as: "i have dinner hotel and ill give u a massage to."

    How could you say no to that? His exhaustive efforts eventually paid off - kind of. A Los Angeles-based adult film entertainer, 19-year-old Megan Piper, agreed to be Stone's date, but unfortunately for the hopeful teen, his school said Piper's attendance would be "inconsistent with two school district policies." No word on whether he still gave her that massage.


  • Cardboard Tim Tebow Attends Iowa Prom

    Photo: Kathy Hutchins / Shutterstock.com

    None of the boys at Kingsley-Pierson High School in Kingsley, IA, were good enough for senior Rachel Bird. She had her eyes set on just one date for the prom, Heisman Trophy winner Tim Tebow. When her Tweets to the New York Jets quarterback went unanswered, Bird took the matter into her own hands at Staples, which printed her a life-size representation for just under $20. After the prom, Bird said:

    He was a cheap date, and when I asked him to stand in a corner, he did. I don't think it even hurt his feelings.


  • Justin Bieber Shows Up to Prom Stiff, in Tux

    Heartthrob dream date Justin Bieber was hard to reach for Kristen Schubert, a senior at Grand Valley High School in Parachute, CO. She tried to contact him through his record label to ask him to prom, but her pleas went ignored. Not to be deterred, Schubert obtained a life-size cardboard of the Biebs dressed in a bowtie and black vest. The couple received a great deal of attention and applause as they joined the grand march at the prom and danced to Bieber Fever's new song, "Boyfriend."

  • 18 Year-Old Gets Dream Date with Arianny Celeste

    Video: YouTube

    Conner Cordova, a senior at Dakota Ridge High School in Littleton, CO, is a huge fan of mixed martial arts. In 2010, he launched a YouTube campaign to ask UFC ring girl and Maxim model Arianny Celeste to be his prom date. After a series of setbacks (like a UFC event scheduled that same night), Cordova brilliantly staged his own spring charity dance to raise money for Haitian relief. With the support of local businesses, Cordova and Celeste danced among all area high school kids to the fresh beats of the best DJ in town. At the end of all night, Cordova even got a smooch on the lips. Good work, kid. The two later appeared in an interview together on Lopez Tonight.