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Kier Harris
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Video games are awesome, but just as with any other medium, if you don't take special care, you're bound to offend someone. And sometimes, we wonder if video game developers actually double checked what they were creating. Because how else could things like these slip through?

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This one is just kind of sad because in the original version of Final Fight, the character Poison wasn't offensive at all. But when the game came to North America, Japanese developers were worried that people would take offense to a game with men beating on women. So they did the only sensible thing and made Poison a transgender woman instead, thinking this would be less offensive.

Now, there's nothing offensive about transgender women, but the offense comes from the message the developers were sending here: "men hitting women is wrong, but if they used to have male equipment, then it's okay."  

In 2012, one of the game's developers released an official statement that "no guys, she was transgender in the Japanese version too, she just wasn't open about it, we swear." But that doesn't sound way too late or too convenient for them to be desperately covering their asses at all.

Barret Wallace

Barret Wallace is one of the main characters in the near-universally-loved Final Fantasy 7. He never specifically pissed anyone off like most of the characters on this list, but he's a great example of most Japanese video game companies handle African American characters.

Basically, he's one giant, walking black stereotype. He's from the slums and speaks in half-curse, half-Mr. T dialogue that would make even the A-Team cringe. Just check out some of these quotes of his from the game.

"There ain't no getting offa this train we on!" 

"Don't go thinkin' you so bad jes 'cus you was in SOLDIER." 

And perhaps the most Mr. T like of them all:

"Get in here, fools! We're starting the meeting! "

It goes without saying that not all African Americans behave this way, and if someone were to find it offensive, we couldn't really blame them.

Quite possibly the most widely known Pokemon-related controversy, Jynx was one of the original 150 Pokemon, and it appeared in blackface. And as the movie Tropic Thunder taught us, blackface is only okay when Robert Downey Jr. does it. 

Jynx was changed to purple in all future releases of the games and the TV series, and episodes with the older Jynx were totally removed from syndication. But sweeping it under the rug isn't quite the same as it never happening. At least the made some sort of attempt to fix it, though the purple pallet swap just makes her look like she's suffocating.

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