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The 8 Most Annoying Kid Characters in Action Movie History

They're sarcastic, they get kidnapped and half these movies are about rescuing or protecting them; here are the 8 worst, and most annoying, kids in action movies. How often can a kid mess up an otherwise great movie (without actually being in the theatre)? Pretty often. If you walk out of or turn off a movie and one of the most memorable things is an annoying kid, then the annoying kids have won. Here are the top few characters that linger, unfortunately, in most action lovers' minds.

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    So imagine you are a cyborg sent back through time for the sole purpose of protecting humanity’s one true hope. You would stop at nothing to ensure that your target lives. You basically are what people will pay to see. What you get instead is a kid who now considers himself the coolest ever thanks to his pet robot. Just take a look at the scene where John Connor tricks a couple of guys into pushing the Terminator around just because he can. He calls out for help, they come to his aid, he calls them a name, and then gets the T-100 to kick their butts.

    Plus, the Terminator is reduced to say catchphrases like "no problem" or "eat me" or "chill out, d*ckwad" to the bad guys.

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    This was what Star Wars fans got after 16 years of waiting for the next chapter in the beloved saga: the supposedly fabled Anakin Skywalker saying "yipeeee" with his pal, Jar Jar Binks (let’s not get started on that one).

    The delivery alone of "One day, I’m going to be a Jedi" pretty much negates any logical path that one day this boy will be Darth Vader.

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    Short Round is a collection of wince-inducing quips and atrociously retrograde racism. There's a reason why this film is considered the weakest out of the original Indy trilogy.

  • Tim And Lex Murphy In 'Jurassic Park'

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    The kids in Jurassic Park don't make the wisest decisions. Even at the best of times, they feel like they're there to amp up the emotions for the audience. Let’s get scared when poor Tim doesn’t have the guts to jump off the soon-to-be electrified fence. Let’s marvel at the brachiosaurs, but really laugh when they blow snot in their faces. And then when the real danger comes, how will you stop the velociraptors from breaking in? Oh, you’re a computer hacker that can override locks just like the genius door-knob-turning raptors? Convenient.