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Robert Wabash
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A list of stadium collapses. After the Metrodome, the Minnesota Vikings stadium, collapsed due to a snow implosion in 2010, it's time to look back at some of the most epic stadium collapses of all time, what happened that caused the collapse and how they fell: videos and pictures included. This isn't the first stadium to collapse though. There are a number of others that met similar fate, though not in the same fashion. These include the Husky Stadium collapse, the Maracana crumbling in Rio, and a soccer stadium collapse tragedy in Iran.

So what are the worst stadium collapses in history? Take a look at this list and you'll see what sports stadiums have fallen apart, either due to age or a failure in its structure.
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One Year Old Stadium Goes Down

Known as the Pride of the State, this millions of dollars investment was once known as one of the finer stadiums of Malaysia and was used to host the Malaysian Games of 2008. Lucky the games took place in 2008, because in 2009, the year after it opened, the roof pancaked with the sound not unlike a crashing plane.

No one one was injured, but a few cleaners had to run for their lives as the entire east side of the roof came down. The remnants of the roof ensured the government to declare the stadium unsafe. Construction crews worked to repair it, but as of now, the stadium still remains closed and any progress is unknown.


Iran Disaster

A stadium in Sari, Iran collapsed during a football game. Packed with 20,000 people, a section of the stadium gave way, taking down at least 200 people with it and killing two. The incident occurred during the second half of the game and it was rumored that a part of it was due to lack of crowd control.

A lot of investigations were launched, especially on security and stadium construction, as it was presumed that the stadium was too fragile to handle the crazy masses of hundreds of people all jostling against each other.

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The Largest Stadium in the World

The Maracana in Rio stands among some of the most legendary stadiums of the world. It's known as the heart for Brazilian football and it has seen everything: the World Cup final, the Pan American games, Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney and many occasions where over 180,000 people attended. Once known for seating almost 200,000 people, the Maracana is now closed for development in order to prepare for the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games.

A good thing, too, since the stadium, open since 1950, was really starting to show its age, culminating in the 1992 partial collapse of the stadium that killed three supporters and injured 50 others. This lead to a redesign of the stadium, converting it to an all-around seater stadium and allowing housing to only about 80,000 people, a fraction of what it used to be.

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