The 8 Most Frivolous Lawsuits Against Celebrities

The announcement of Kim Kardashian’s divorce affected many people, probably none more so than Rob Delaney. He stated that he has been so distraught by the whole proceedings that he has decided to sue.  Then there's the one Ursula Auburn filed against Charlie Sheen. Whoa! Lawsuits and celebrities go hand in hand. Of course usually it is the celebrity suing someone for defamation or being sued for breach of contract. Whenever there is someone with lots of money, there are other people trying to get it from them. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t those few crazies out there that are willing to sue over anything for a quick buck. Some of these lawsuits are as crazy as suing these celebrities for being New York Yankees fans.

This list collects some of the craziest stories of frivolous lawsuits filed against our favorite (or not so favorite) entertainers. Ranging from simple he said/she said to cases of stolen identity, all of these stories should be taken with the gravity that they are told. Some of these claims are serious enough to warrant a grand jury investigation if they are true others are just stupid lawsuits. It's probably not surprising that some of these lawsuits have to do with celebrities and sex. Maybe they need a Tony Robbins mentor like person in their lives?

After reading through these celebrity lawsuits, ask yourself if they truly deserved the torment bestowed upon them, or if the plaintiff was just plain crazy (I will give you a hint, it’s probably the later). With that being said here is a list of celebrities who have been arrested, if you're interested, which you probably are. And if you would rather smell like a celebrity as opposed to suing them, check out this celeb perfumes list.