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expert The 8 Greatest Remixes Ever Per The Japanese Popstars  

The Japanese Popstars
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Being a member of 'The Japanese Popstars' and having to deal with a lot of remixing of music, we have had the opportunity to really be able to identify good remixes. I can’t say that there is a perfect formula to making a good remix, that's impossible in my eyes. I think you have to feel the track and think that you can work with the parts that are provided, as every track is different and every artist has their own feelings that they can pour into making music.

When we get commissioned to provide remixes we look at the song and between the three of us decide if we like it and then we choose elements that we can use to influence how our own elements that we will add sound. So we basically strip the original part and try to make our own version of it.

What are the best remixes of all time? Take a look and listen here, and you'll see for yourself.

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Gary's #1 choice.
Song title: Higher State Of Consciousness (Tweekin Acid Funk Remix)

This can still be dropped in any DJ's set even today and it will tear the roof off. The rift is so strong that it has become one of the most recognizable tracks in electronic music. I first heard it on a compilation and I immediately hunted it down to have in my collection. This is one of those rare tracks that has stood the test of time and I love hearing on a loud system. Josh Wink has written so many amazing tracks over the years but this is definitely his masterpiece. see more on Josh Wink

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Gary's #2 choice.
Song title: Cafe Del Mar (Three 'n One Remix)

This track has been remixed so many times I have lost count and even now there is a new remix by Ricardo Villalobos doing the rounds. The euphoria that this track provides can rarely be rivaled. It was the first time that the hairs on the back of my neck stood on end from a piece of music and this has influenced the feeling I need to get when producing. Again this has stood the test of time and brings back so many brilliant memories over the years and the fact that it is still being remixed how good this track still is. Proper Anthem. see more on Energy 52

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Gareth's #2 choice.
Song title: Confusion (Pump Panel Mix)

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Gareth's #3 choice.
Song title: Dooms Night (Timo Mass Remix) see more on Azzido Da Bass