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The 8 Most Dangerous And Deadly Flowers in Video Games

Updated April 11, 2019 46.3k views8 items

When we think of flowers in video games, we may visualize those innocuous, bubbly pastel bulbs that are just there for background decor. Or, we may think about all those game apps where you can design your own garden or decorate your imaginary mansion. But such greenery isn't always harmless, nor is it always without purpose.

In quite a few of our fave video games, flowers play a subtle role in shaping how our characters kick butt - or get their butts kicked. (Venus flytrap, anyone?) Leave it to game designers to show us that nature's blossoms are more than just mechanisms for pollination. In fact, these photosynthesis-loving game objects can be used to heal, to jumpstart our superpowers, to create deadly concoctions, or even to knock down our enemies' life bar. So behold, the fiercest flowers in video game history. 

  • The Bomb Flower - 'Legend of Zelda' Series

    Video: YouTube

    The Bomb Flower is exactly what it sounds like. It's a flower that explodes. That is its sole purpose. It's a flower that grows and lives solely to be an explosive, which Link then uses throughout his travels to blow up bad guys and essentially save the world. The cool little flower blasters that were a special treat to lay whenever you could spare one in the original Legend of Zelda haven't let us down through various iterations of the saga. It continues to be one of the greatest flowers in games.

    Most flowers will have edible fruit or fruit that is used for survival/procreation purposes, but the B-Flower's fruit is raw material for incendiary devices. Here's Link in Ocarina of Time, taking down huge enemies using this absolutely awesome flower.

  • Plant 42 - 'Resident Evil'

    Video: YouTube

    Plant 42, the monstrously large plant with tentacle-like vines (or is it vine-like tentacles) from the Resident Evil series - which captures Chris Redfield in what is one of the funniest and most pathetic examples of in-game dialogue ever written in games - is undeniably among the fiercest of all flowers in games.

    Plant 42 was infected with the T-Virus (the virus that gave all the zombies their zombie-disease in the Resident Evil franchise) as part of the Umbrella Corporation's wicked experimentation. Its roots are firmly in place throughout the entire building in this game, and its enormous, flower-like nucleus is what gives it away as a reproductive organ of a plant. This flower is essentially a giant squid.

  • Petey Piranha and Piranha Plants - 'Super Smash Bros. Brawl'

    Video: YouTube

    Petey Piranha - and piranha plants in general - are arguably some of the fiercest fictional plants in gaming history. Petey's the ultimate step in the evolution of the piranha plant, a race of plants with pretty petals, polka dot skin, and a zombie-like hunger for the flesh of anything that comes near it.

    Piranha plants have always popped out of pipes while we're trying to jump over them. They also strategically jump out of the water - making our life a living hell by creating sometimes insurmountable obstacles that lead us into using our timing-skills to get past them. Either way, they're a pain in the butt. Unless we have some kind of projectile weapon handy, this is one of the few antagonists in video games that's better to just run from and not confront.

    For piranha plants, if you're not super powered, they can terminate you with only one touch. Petey, on the other hand, has legs and ridiculously strong arms, which he uses to kick some serious booty. Check out the Petey Piranha boss battle in this game of Super Smash Bros. The fiercest part of the whole thing? When he slams the cages together as hard as he can to get Kirby's attention.

    And for skilled botanists debating the "flowerness" of these bad boys, in Super Mario Land, they were called by their Japanese name "Pakkun Flower." C'mon, though, as if the petals didn't totally give them away.

    Honorable mention to the fire flower.

  • Poison Ivy & Friends - 'Batman Arkham Asylum'

    Video: YouTube

    We can't seem to get away from angry, powerful flowers in video games. Poison Ivy's level in what is arguably the best superhero game of all time -  Batman Arkham Asylum - is absolutely bonkers. Sure, she has levels in some other Batman games, but the intro to the one in Arkham Asylum made us all pee a little.

    After covering the island with toxic plants, Poison Ivy goes one-on-one with Batman by melding with what is essentially a piranha plant (huge, anthropomorphic Venus flytrap) that's the size of an elephant. She jumps into its mouth, thus dropping all of ours.

    She then becomes one of the wildest, most gargantuan flowers you'll ever have to fight in a game. Fierce AF.