The Absolute Best of the Annoying Facebook Girl Meme

Annoying Facebook Girl is a meme that basically illustrates all the most annoying things anyone can do on Facebook, while putting the actions in the hands of an annoying looking teenage girl who is completely oblivious of exactly how annoying she is being. Because no matter who you are, what you do or what you look like, if you do any of these things on Facebook, you're acting like a teenage girl. Here's the best of the Annoying Facebook Girl meme, in all its miserably relevant glory.

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    The Best of Annoying Facebook Girl!!1!1!111!!! <333

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    OMGZ! Who is Annoying Facebook Girl?

    Annoying Facebook Girl is that person on Facebook that overshares, overdoes photo tricks and pretty much lives her life for and/or around letting people know exactly what she's doing. She's starved for attention and she uses all the oldest tricks in the book (MySpace angles, Duckface...) as if it's 2001.

    The template is usually one of these:


    This meme largely serves as a way for people to point out and vent exactly what they hate about what some of their closest friends (or just people that annoy them) do on Facebook.

    So, here are the most annoying things people do on Facebook, because when anyone does one of these things on Facebook (male or female), they are acting like a teenage girl that makes faces like hers.