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The Absolute Worst Congressional Candidates for Women

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List RulesU.S. politicians who have voted to take away women's rights or who have used anti-women rhetoric

There are candidates who are pro-life, whose views may prevent them from condoning abortion, but who still manage to maintain a certain respect for women. Not enough to give women complete control over their own bodies, but not as dismissive as these Congressional candidates. The candidates listed here take contempt for women to a completely different realm. Most of the people listed here want to outlaw some forms of birth control. There are multiple candidates whose ignorance of biology and women's bodies lets them say that rape rarely, if ever, results in pregnancy. Another equated an out-of-wedlock pregnancy with rape, since both shame the woman's father. Other candidates rant against abortion and yet cut funding for childcare or neglect to pay child support for their own children--both choices which make women's lives more difficult. And some made it onto this list due to their complete antipathy for women; they accuse any woman who stands up for herself of being un-ladylike, as though women should always behave as if attending a cotillion in 1952. Cast your vote here for the worst candidate of all for women!