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Everything ‘The Act’ Gets Wrong About The Dee Dee Blanchard Case

Updated 9 Apr 2019 93.1k views12 items

In the realm of strange, twisted, and disturbing stories, the tragic tale of Gypsy Rose Blanchard and her mother, Dee Dee, is as dramatic as they come. But even the most fascinating and intense real-life stories need some narrative structure, which is why there are plenty of minor but telling inaccuracies in The Act, Hulu's series based on the now-infamous Blanchard family. The Act follows Dee Dee Blanchard as she keeps her daughter, Gypsy Rose, confined to a wheelchair, convincing her she's seriously ill and suffers from a seemingly endless list of dire health complications.

Gypsy is also convinced her mind is that of a child, and she and her mother appear to be fueled by fantasies of Disney princesses and fairy tales. The true story of The Act is no fairy tale, though, and the Hulu series pulls no punches in portraying Dee Dee's horrific end at the hands of Gypsy Rose and her boyfriend, Nicholas Godejohn. Along the way, however, more than a few discrepancies arise between what is portrayed on screen and what transpired between the real people involved.

In March 2019, Gypsy Blanchard's family announced they were considering legal action against Hulu for the platform's inaccurate portrayal of the events, even teasing the development of a rival series, entitled By Proxy.

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