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The All-Around Best Athletes of 2019

Updated 24 Mar 2020 15.1k votes 1.6k voters 17.0k views96 items

List RulesThe best all-around athletes in their respective sports. Vote based on their 2019 performance only.

Do you know who is the best all-around athlete of 2019? We are not just talking about offensive powerhouses but players that show a high intelligence for the sports they play. We are talking about play makers. Which of these athletes knows their sport the best and will achieve greatness in 2019? The best all-around athletes in 2019 will have multiple achievements throughout the year, most likely piling onto an already impressive list of championships and awards. Look for the greats like Neymar, LeBron James, Manny Machado, and Novak Djokovic. This list is a collection of best all-around athletes in the world based on their 2019 performance.

Don't see an athlete that you think should be on here? Add them to the list and see how high they climb in the rankings! Check back throughout the year to see how these athletes are performing for the top spot on the list.

Vote up the athletes you think to be considered best all-around because of how they are performing in 2019. 

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