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The Deadliest Spies In Video Game History  

Cody Mello-Klein
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Surprisingly, not every situation in a video game calls for mass murder and mayhem. Sometimes a situation calls for subtlety, subterfuge and, dare we say, class. If that’s the case, call these video game super spies. These characters live in the shadows and aren’t afraid to manipulate their allies if it means the job gets done.

Tactical, stealthy, alluring, and deadly, these are the spies that you want on your side — even though you know they’ll probably stab you in the back. But which video game spy is truly the best? Vote for the one you think would get the job done.

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Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell) is listed (or ranked) 1 on the list The Deadliest Spies In Video Game History
Photo:  Ubisoft/Amazon/Fair Use
Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell)

Brutally efficient and tactically intelligent, Sam Fisher is the guy US government agencies use when they want absolute certainty that the mission will get done. Fisher isn’t much for small talk — or really any kind of talk. He’s a silent predator who hides in the shadows, observing his prey and pouncing when an opportunity presents itself. He’s a ghost who can hide in plain sight and gather intel without any suspicion. When he does decide to fight he does with deadly precision. The ghostly green glow of his trademark night vision goggles is the only thing that Fisher’s enemies will see before they meet their fate. They won’t even know what hit them.

Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid V) is listed (or ranked) 2 on the list The Deadliest Spies In Video Game History
Photo:  Konami/Amazon/Fair Use
Big Boss (Metal Gear Solid V)

In Metal Gear lore it all goes back to Big Boss. Every version of Snake (and there have been A LOT) is derived from Boss' DNA, so it's only right that he takes his place on this list. After all it takes an incredibly talented spy to use a cardboard box to infiltrate enemy bases, and Big Boss’ ingenuity when it comes to fulfilling his objectives is nothing short of brilliant. Cardboard boxes sit alongside silenced pistols as key items in Boss' arsenal and for good reason. For the Boss, lethal weapons are a last resort. If all goes according to plan, the enemy won’t even know he was there. He uses stealth, gadgets, and information to maintain the upper hand at all times, making sure that if things do get messy, he won’t be anywhere nearby.

James Bond (Goldeneye 007) is listed (or ranked) 3 on the list The Deadliest Spies In Video Game History
Photo:  Rareware/Amazon/Fair Use
James Bond (Goldeneye 007)

James Bond is the most famous spy in popular culture and in 1997 he finally got to show off his peerless skill as a smooth operator in a video game. Based on Pierce Brosnan’s 007, Goldeneye’s version of Bond has the right gadget for every situation and can certainly handle himself in a gunfight if things go sideways. And damn is he smooth. While utterly groundbreaking at the time, Goldeneye’s first person action isn’t as smooth as it once felt, even if the spy at its center is smooth as silk and cold as ice every step of the way.

The Spy (Team Fortress 2) is listed (or ranked) 4 on the list The Deadliest Spies In Video Game History
Photo:  Valve/Amazon/Fair Use
The Spy (Team Fortress 2)

He’s arrogant and a bit eccentric, but The Spy is perhaps the most skilled spy in all of Team Fortress 2. Sure, he’s really the only spy in Team Fortress 2, but what other spy can turn invisible and deceive the enemy using nothing but a paper mask? The Spy can even disguise as an enemy spy, pulling off a bold double deception. With nothing but a butterfly knife and a piece of paper, the Spy can single handedly dismantle an entire enemy team from the inside. They’ll be so busy pointing fingers at each other that they won’t even the knife until it’s sticking out of their back.