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The Amazing Spider-Man Movie Quotes

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Here are the best 'Amazing Spider-Man' quotes from the 2012 action-adventure movie directed by Marc Webb. In 'The Amazing Spider-Man,' Andrew Garfield is Peter Parker, a high school student struggling to understand what's happening to him as his super powers begin to get stronger. Peter is also looking to find out why and how his parents vanished when he was a child.

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    Second in His Class

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    Dr. Curt Connors: "And you are?"
    Gwen Stacy: "He's one of Midtown Science's best and brightest. He's second in his class."
    Peter Parker: "You sure about that?"
    Gwen Stacy: "I'm pretty sure."

    Dr. Curt Connors (Rhys Ifans) knows exactly who Peter Parker is -- he worked with Peter's father for years, and he realizes quickly that Peter has inherited his dad's smarts.
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    A Bit Excessive

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    Gwen Stacy: "You're a wanted man, Peter Parker. My Dad has five hundred officers looking for you."
    Peter Parker: "Five hundred? That seems a bit excessive."

    Having 500 of New York City's best police officers all looking to capture you might seem excessive if you were a normal person, Peter.
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    Intimidating Doorman

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    Gwen Stacy: "How did you get out there?"
    Peter Parker: "The fire escape."
    Gwen Stacy: "That's twenty stories."
    Peter Parker: "Your doorman's intimidating."

    Peter Parker has a mega-crush on the lovely Gwen Stacy (Emma Stone). He and Gwen are definitely falling in love, but that puts her in potentially grave danger. In the meantime though, as Spider-Man, Peter has some great ways to sneak in and see his girlfriend...
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    My Weakness

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    Spider-Man (to criminal who pulls a knife on him): "You found my weakness! It's small knives!"

    This would-be car thief doesn't have a chance against Spider-Man. The guy was easy to spot, as Spider-Man tells him, "If you're gonna steal a car don't dress like a car thief." And also? An itty bitty knife? Really? Too easy.
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