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'The Apocalypse Of Adam' Is A Gnostic Gospel's Genesis Account Told From Adam's Perspective

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Most people know the basics of the Genesis story: Adam and Eve live in the garden of Eden, eat the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge, and are cast out by God. However, when researchers uncovered a trove of Gnostic documents outside the small Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi in 1945, they unearthed a rich pseudo-Christian tradition filled with texts that portray the Christian gospels far differently than typical translations. These works are not canonical and have been vehemently rejected by the Church - many of them for good reason, as they were written hundreds of years after the events they claim to portray.

One text, however, is particularly interesting: the Apocalypse of Adam. This text purports to be an account of Adam, the first man, speaking to his son, Seth, about his time in Eden and prophesying the events of Genesis. This text provides a counter-narrative to the conventional Genesis story - God is hardly recognizable, and the events that transpire are not only fundamentally different but very surprising.

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