Graveyard Shift The Baltic Sea Anomaly Has Scientists Completely Baffled, But Conspiracy Theorists Have Ideas  

Rebecca High

Underwater exploration is one of the last frontiers on Earth, but the easy parts have been pretty much covered. So it's new discoveries are even more exhilarating. The 2011 discovery of what is known as the "Baltic Sea anomaly" is one of the most mysterious modern finds to date, and this video takes a deep dive into the what/where/why of it.

Typically, a good haul for underwater archeologists consists of things like new shipwrecks, long-lost artifacts, or treasure. But the Baltic Sea anomaly is something quite different, and while scientists don't know what the large object is, some of the speculation is quite wild.

Some observers have compared the mysterious object's appearance to that of the Millennium Falcon. The anomaly is so perfectly formed that it appears to be man-made, leading some to speculate that it's a UFO, or something else created or caused by aliens.

Whatever it is, the Baltic Sea anomaly has sparked interest and created new energy around underwater exploration. Watch this video to learn more about the mysterious, giant object.