The Basic Social Rules Everyone Should Follow

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Unspoken social rules only, not laws like 'don't jaywalk'.
It's probably always been this way, but doesn't it seem like there are a lot of a**holes just everywhere nowadays? We are social animals, we have to deal with each other every day. Why make things so awful? Just... simple stuff. Be polite, pay attention, toss out a kindness every now and then. And if those things are too tough, then, please, at least just stop being such a jerk. Vote for the ones you wish more people would obey, and add whatever you think is missing.
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    Cover Your Mouth When You Sneeze/cough

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    Flush the Toilet After You Use It

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    Clean up after yourself

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    Give Others Their Personal Space

    ...guy in line behind me. Jesus!
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    Say Please and Thank You

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    Don't Park Like A Jerk

    If you're afraid of damage to your precious car, leave it in the garage at home.