27 Brutally Honest Opinions And Hot Takes About The Deleted Scene From 'The Batman'

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There's a deleted scene from The Batman that was released on the internet which features a tense interrogation scene between Batman and the Joker, giving fans their first look at one of the greatest villains in the (long) history of Gotham. In just over 5 minutes, Matt Reeves is able to give us small glimpses at what we can expect from the Joker in future sequels that manage to be very detailed and vague at the same time. Though most people believe that Heath Ledger's Joker is the standard for portrayals of the character, Barry Keoghan does an amazing job at honoring the past and making it his own, all while fitting into the larger universe that Reeves has created. We have collected some of the best reactions to the scene in The Batman that was so good it was deleted from the final cut. Don't forget to vote up your favorites.

  • 1. A Nightmare

    A Nightmare
    Photo: Logan Harrison / YouTube
  • 2. This Scene Explains A Lot

    This Scene Explains A Lot
    Photo: Robban Bobban / YouTube
  • 3. Extreme Antisocial Personality Disorder

    Extreme Antisocial Personality Disorder
    Photo: Quantum Crash / YouTube
  • 4. Established History Between Batman And The Joker

    Established History Between Batman And The Joker
    Photo: R O C / YouTube
  • 5. First Time In A Long Time

    First Time In A Long Time
    Photo: Chuck Jim / YouTube
  • 6. Criminal Genius

    Criminal Genius
    Photo: Carl Lazarraga / YouTube