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"The Baytown Outlaws" movie quotes tell the action-packed and comedic tale of a trio of brothers tasked with rescuing a boy from his godfather. Originally titled "The Baytown Disco," the action-comedy film was written by Griffin Hood and Barry Battles, the latter of whom also directed. "The Baytown Outlaws" released on DVD and Blu-ray in the United Kingdom in December 2012 prior to its limited theatrical release in the United States on January 11, 2013.

In "The Baytown Outlaws," Lincoln, McQueen and Brick Oodie (Daniel Cudmore, Travis Fimmel and Clayne Crawford, respectively) make up the Oodie brothers, three rednecks in Alabama who, with the help of the local sheriff (Andre Braugher) serve as vigilantes. They take out criminals which in turns keep local crime to a minimum. One day, however, a woman, Celeste (Eva Longoria), witnesses their acts and in turn requests they take on a task for her. It seems simple, the Oodie brothers will rescue disabled boy Rob (Thomas Sangster) from Celeste's ex-husband in exchange for $25,000. The boys agree and prepare for what they believe to be an easy job.

This all changes when they realize that the ex-husband, Carlos (Billy Bob Thornton), is a drug lord who will do anything needed to keep Rob, and his soon-to-be-released trust fund, near him, including killing anyone in that path, Celeste included. Carlos wastes little time in sending various assassin groups after the Oodies, who are already on the run from the law with ATF agent Anthony Reese (Paul Wesley) on their tail too.

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I Shoot People in the Face

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Brick Oodie: "All right you got a job. You clean toilets or cut grass or whatever the hell it is you do. This is what I do. I shoot people in the face. You understand me? Somebody wanted you gone, you know who they came to. This guy right here, you know? Now I'm sorry, but just so you know, I just, this ain't nothing personal, all right?"
McQueen Oodie: "You ain't gonna believe this."
Brick Oodie: "Yeah?"
McQueen: "We got the wrong house."

As the soon-to-be victim pleads for his life, Brock Oodie explains that there are no hard feelings, that he is simply doing his job. People pay him to kill criminals and he does that. At least he and his redneck brothers try to kill the right people.
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McQueen Oodie: "Nothing?"
Brick Oodie: "Nope"
McQueen Oodie: "Not even half?"
Brick Oodie: "Uh uh"
McQueen Oodie: "Somethin's gotta change. Risk our own necks for no money, that's bulls***. I'm about tired of us getting f***ed six ways to Sunday. You hear me? God dang, man! I was gonna put a pool in the backyard."

For as much nonsense as McQueen Oodie says, he actually does have a point here. The brothers really shouldn't work for free, especially in their line of work. If nothing else, they should be able to afford a nice backyard pool.
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Get My Godson Back

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Celeste: "I'm Celeste. I was hoping to acquire your services."
McQueen Oodie: "You got the wrong fellas."
Celeste: "Get my godson back from my ex-husband."

When Celeste witnesses one of the Oodie brothers' killings, she uses that chance to get them to agree to helping her. The plan is simple, get back her godson from her ex-husband.
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Wal-Mart of Bottom-Dollar Retail Crime

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Carlos: "This is what I'm talking about, clean lines, nothing to profile, none of that spinner, hydraulic s*** to get you lit up. What I'm talking about Sal is you transporting anything and everything in this pretty old Hyundai Sonata and here's the reason why, hidden compartment coated with coffee bean and talcum paste. No drug dog on the planet earth can sniff out. The space is worry free and this time next month I'm have a f***ing fleet of them."
Sal: "Damn, that's tight."
Carlos: "Hear that father, 'that is tight.' So what do you say, boys, you want to take a few road trips for me?"
Sal: "Absof***inglutely, Carlos."
Padre: "We sure don't mind being your f***ing little mule, Don Carlos, but we gotta talk about our cut. We're the one doing all the risks." Carlos: "You know I just remembered something. I need batteries and toilet paper. And I need to get that Brad Pitt movie, the one where he turns back into a f***ing baby, running low on milk, a few things. Wonder where I can get all these items at one convenient location?"
Padre: "Wal-Mart"
Carlos: "Wal-f***ing-Mart, that's it. I love the way you put f***ing in the middle of a word like that. I want to start using that s***. See guys, I kind of look at my future empire as the Wal-Mart of bottom-dollar retail crime but you know we can't all be Sam Walton. It's my job. When my foot soldiers start talking about s*** like cuts and percentages and things like that, see that's partner talk and I don't need a partner. I need stockers and cashiers and mercenaries and mules and in your case, Padre, dime bag dealers from the lawn department, coincidentally where I found you. Now Padre I like you, I really do I like your son too. I really appreciate all the s*** you done for me that god wouldn't be proud of but something you just have to stop them before they start. See partnership leads to ambition. Ambition leads to a word they don't use much anymore, mutiny. Porque tu no me quieres."

Carlos isn't just some mom and pop drug dealer. He has big dreams. Those dreams include making his operation a household name, not one where partners are constantly asking about cuts and percentages.
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