The Best '90s Southern Gospel Bands & Artists

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Southern gospel music has been around since the late 19th century, with family acts that carry on across generations. By the 1990s, the genre began to expand to include duos and soloists, bringing '90s southern gospel into a more modern sound.

Thanks to a mix of big families and individual singers striking it out on their own, a list of '90s southern gospel bands and artists has some overlap between entries. Vocalists like David Phelps have released their own solo albums but also are part of larger groups, like the Gaither Vocal Band. Many southern gospel artists, like Vestal Goodman, had already been making music for decades before the '90s, putting out work right alongside new acts like Greater Vision, which was founded in 1990. This mix of skills, styles, and talent made for a rich tapestry of gospel music in the '90s.

We've put together a list of some of the best '90s southern gospel bands and artists, but if there are any missing singers, quartets, or bands,  be sure to add them to the list and vote up the best southern gospel acts of the 1990s.

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  • The McKameys
    71 votes
    • Genres (Music): Southern Gospel

    Emerging as a force to be reckoned with in Southern Gospel music, The McKameys captivated listeners throughout the '90s with their powerful harmonies and emotive storytelling. With a remarkable ability to connect with their audience on a deep spiritual level, this dynamic family group consistently delivered heartfelt performances that resonated with listeners far and wide. Their profound messages of faith and redemption struck a chord with many, propelling them to the forefront of the genre and solidifying their place as one of the most influential Southern Gospel groups of the decade.

  • Gold City
    Are You Ready?, Preparing The Way, Super Southern Gospel: Gold City
    48 votes
    • Genres (Music): Christian music, Southern Gospel

    Throughout the '90s, Gold City made an indelible impact on Southern Gospel music with their rich vocalizations and passionate performances. Combining traditional quartet arrangements with contemporary sounds, their innovative approach breathed new life into the genre and captivated fans around the globe. As pillars of the Southern Gospel community, Gold City's dedication to spreading the Gospel through song garnered critical acclaim and earned them a devoted following that endures to this day.

  • Ivan Parker
    37 votes

    A true force in the '90s Southern Gospel scene, Ivan Parker showcased his versatile vocal talents with a genuine and heartfelt approach. With an innate ability to convey the depths of human emotion through song, Parker touched the hearts of countless fans and garnered widespread acclaim. His engaging personality and powerful stage presence solidified his reputation as a leading artist in the genre, showcasing the true essence of Southern Gospel music.

  • Greater Vision
    When I See the Cross, NOW: Spring 2005, Quartets
    39 votes
    • Genres (Music): Southern Gospel

    Throughout the '90s, Greater Vision dazzled audiences with their impressive harmonies, uplifting lyrics, and commanding stage presence. As one of Southern Gospel's premier trios, this talented group took the genre by storm with their dedication to delivering inspiring messages through song. Their passion for ministry and musical excellence resonated deeply with listeners, earning them a devoted following and securing their place as one of the top Southern Gospel groups of the decade.

  • The Hoppers

    The Hoppers

    Great Day
    46 votes
    • Genres (Music): Southern Gospel

    In the 1990s, The Hoppers solidified their place as stalwarts of the Southern Gospel scene, earning acclaim for their authentic sound infused with sincerity and passion. This family group's vibrant harmonies and inspiring lyrics resonated deeply with fans, demonstrating their unwavering commitment to sharing the Gospel through song. Throughout the decade, The Hoppers continued to captivate audiences with their dynamic live performances and soul-stirring melodies, cementing their legacy as one of Southern Gospel's most beloved talents.

  • Cathedral Quartet
    Faithful, A Reunion, The Best of Times
    95 votes
    • Genres (Music): Christian music, Southern Gospel

    During the '90s, the Cathedral Quartet reigned supreme as one of Southern Gospel's most beloved vocal ensembles. Comprised of accomplished vocalists and musicians, this talented group had a knack for delivering stirring performances that left audiences spellbound. Their tight harmonies and unparalleled stage presence commanded attention, leaving no doubt why they were considered some of the finest talents in the world of Southern Gospel music.