The Best Marvel Superhero Movie Actors

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Comic book movies are especially hard to cast because there are so many die hard fans of these characters who see them all their own, unique way. No actor can perfectly embody everyone's opinion of an iconic comic book character, and beyond that comic readers tend to be an especially zealous and vocal bunch. The talented actors on this list have all taken on roles in Marvel films, and are still considered some of the best actors around (at least most of them).

Marvel Studios has done an amazing job of casting outside the box, making bold choices, casting against type, and sometimes even casting relative unknowns for huge roles (Hugh Jackman wasn't exactly a household name pre-Wolverine). Whatever it is they're doing, whatever their methods, they're certainly doing something right.

Marvel films feature the best actors, not just the biggest names, and they've taken to their roles well. Below are the best actors from Marvel movies. Vote up the best actors below!

Photo: Metaweb / CC-BY