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The Best All Dogs Go to Heaven Quotes

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The best All Dogs Go to Heaven quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from All Dogs Go to Heaven, with the help of your votes. Starring the voice of Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise, All Dogs Go to Heaven was directed by Don Bluth and released in 1989.

What is your favorite All Dogs Go to Heaven quote? One memorable line was when Charlie said, "Look, I don't care about the girl! I tell her things now and then. I pretend to be her best friend, but it's bologna!" Another great line from All Dogs Go to Heaven is, "Touch that clock, and you can never come back," spoken by Annabelle.

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    You Hit The Jackpot

    Vera: Things have changed, Charlie, since you've been gone.
    Life hasn't been no piece of cake.
    Chihuahua Gambler: Carface ain't been treatin' us too good!
    Vera: Things are tough, but we carry on.
    Smiley: Could you spare a couple of bones, for old time's sake?
    Charlie: Why settle for a couple of bones when you can have the whole bake?!
    Itchy: Charlie! Charlie, look! You hit the jackpot! Attaboy, Charlie, I'm proud of ya! Charlie, tell 'em!


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    I Got Him Out

    Smiley: Charlie? Ain't you s'pposed to be on death row?
    Charlie: No! I ain't supposed to be on death row.
    Itchy: Hey! I got him out.


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    Busted Water Main

    Charlie: Careful, Itchy.
    Itchy: Yeah?
    Charlie: Yeah. I think that might be a water main.
    Itchy: Nah, Charlie. Water mains are green. This is red.
    Charlie: You're colorblind. You always been colorblind!
    Itchy: That's true, but this is green.
    Charlie: It's red!
    Itchy: Red?
    Man: Busted water main!!!
    Man 2: Hit the lights!
    Man 3: Call command central!


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    Grand Chawhee

    Stella: Yoo-hoo! Reginald! Excuse me.
    Reginald: Oh! Splendid! Hello, Stella! Jolly good day for a race, what?
    Stella: Oh, yes. But, Reginald, honey, I do hate to rain on your parade, but did you know, ot's the Grand Chawhee's birthday?!
    Reginald: Oh, really? You don't... Oh! Terribly sorry.

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