The Best American Superstores

Feel like going shopping without spending an arm and a leg? This list of American superstores, including big-box stores and other similar retailers such as supercenters and megastores, can help. Superstores are generally much larger than normal retail establishments allowing the superstores to provide much more merchandise for sale throughout their floorspace. This list includes big box retailers that specialize in specific types of merchandise as well as those that sell general goods.

Superstores have often found themselves mired in controversy as they are largely considered "category killers" that render smaller retailers obsolete. Unions also dislike superstores as the employees are usually non-unionized. Despite these situations, superstores continue to spread and, at times, are even considered a benefit to their communities. So what is a superstore? A place like Walmart, Barnes and Noble and Target would all be considered a superstore or big-box outlet.

What are the best American super stores? Take a look here and see for yourself.