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The Best An American Tail Quotes

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American Tail quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the animated musical An American Tail as determined by you and your votes. Directed by Don Bluth, An American Tail told the story of Fievel Mousekewitz and his family's journey from the Ukraine to the United States. Released in theaters on November 21, 1986, the tagline for An American Tail was "A holiday event from Universal Pictures and Amblin Entertainment."

What are the best An American Tail quotes? Do you like Fievel's despondent line, "But how? They're so far away, and it's so big. I'll never find them"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top An American Tail quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

  • Mama: Fievel! Tanya! Stop that twirling, twirling! I mean it!
    Papa: But Mama, it's Hannukah.
    Mama: For you, every night is Hannukah.
  • Papa: For Tanya, a new babushka. Happy Hannukah.
    Tanya: Oh, Papa, thank you.
    Mama: You have only one parent?
    Tanya: Thank you, Mama.
  • [Warren is playing the violin]
    Warren: Rats! This nose, this nose keeps getting in the way.
    Digit: You could stop playing.
    Warren: That's funny. I've never known a cockroach with good taste, but I've known plenty that taste - heh, heh - good.
    Digit: [nervously] Heh-eheh. Play, play, play!
  • Henri: Where is your mama, your papa, huh?
    Fievel: I don't know. They were on a boat to America.
    Henri: Then you are in luck, my little immigrant. This is America.
    Fievel: America. But I thought it was bigger.
    Henri: Oh, it is bigger. All of that is also America.