memes The Best "Your Mom" Jokes in Internet History  

Greg Stopera
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"Your Mom" jokes are one of the most outdated, childish and hilarious ways to come back at someone or to burn someone for absolutely no reason at all. Funny your momma jokes are actually quite difficult to come by. They're all pretty standard. Calling your mom fat, stupid, old or ugly are really all that people can do. And most of the time, these people have never even met our mothers.

When you tell a "yo mama" joke, funny or not, you're really just looking to insult someone in a somewhat inventive way that causes them to feel offense because something they care about is being insulted. Instead of "your mom", for example, if someone really likes their car or their iPhone, you could always do that to the same effect. For some reason "your girlfriend" jokes are somewhat off-limits. You never see anyone making constant girlfriend jokes instead of funny mom jokes -- at least not without someone getting punched by the end of it.

What are the best "your mom" jokes? Here, all in one place, are the funniest "your mom" jokes the internet has had to offer in recent history. Videos not included, but all of these good "your mom" picture jokes are not only somewhat better than the average mom joke, but they're actually quite amazing. If you want more entertainment check out these knock knock jokes.