Anime Underground The Best Anime Available On Crunchyroll  

Jordan Bates

For the true anime fan, Crunchyroll is the best place on the internet to get your fix of the latest and finest in Japanese animation.

Crunchyroll keeps up with the most current episodes of all the hottest shows, even simultaneously broadcasting shows as they air in Japan. Sure, it might mean you’ve got to watch some extra subtitles, but isn’t that better than a bad anime dub, anyway?

While Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu have all gotten in on the anime-streaming game, Crunchyroll still corners the market with the widest selection of anime, including the freshest and most obscure anime titles so you can be the first in the know when a new episode drops in Japan.

Even popular shows like My Hero Academia can be hard to find in real time, which is particularly frustrating when it feels like every otaku is discussing it and you’re behind. Luckily, Crunchyroll has your back! And that’s only one of a splendid collection of Cruchyroll’s anime streaming selections. Watch this video and check out the best Crunchyroll has to offer!