The Best Anime To Have On In The Background

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Many anime titles - Neon Genesis Evangelion, Cowboy Bebop, and Death Note - have magnificent visuals and sophisticated plot lines that require your full attention. It's great when you have time for it, but it's not the best anime for doing chores. You can't focus on folding your laundry if an anime moves too fast. The dishes will never be washed if you have to pause and rewind an anime because you missed a plot point.

Luckily, some relaxing anime choices fit the mood of your spring-cleaning routine or that can add excitement to a dull chore without being plot-heavy. Like a Friends marathon during your weekly mopping, these titles provide the perfect, easy-going ambiance you need to finish the task at hand. Get your preferred streaming service ready and break out the feather duster. Here's a list of the best anime to have on in the background while doing chores, paying bills, or other tasks at home.

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