The Best Ape Movies

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Movies must have apes or monkeys in them.

With moviegoers going bananas over Rise of the Planet of the Apes sequel Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, it only seems right to formulate a list of the best ape movies ever. Our primate relatives have starred in countless monkeylicious movies over the years. Some of these movies are CGI, some are animated and some are just 'regular' movies (What?! No IMAX 3D digital? The horror!). They all represent great cinematic achievements for these apes.

What are the best ape movies? What are some simian films? Sadly, there is no specific Oscar category for primates, but there should be! In the meantime, let's show these monkeys, orangutans, capuchins and gorillas a little love by giving them a place of honor on this list of the best ape movies ever. Did your favorite not make the list? No problem - just add it!
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