The Best Arizona Flavors

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On a hot summer day, nothing cools you off quite like a refreshing iced tea. But don't worry if you aren't the type to brew up a batch yourself. Companies like Arizona specialize in supplying delicious iced tea and other beverages, canned and ready for easy consumption. It's a model that has made Arizona a top-seller in the beverage market. In fact, the company claims to be the number one tea and juice brand in the United States.

Arizona's popularity is due in part to its wide assortment of flavors. Every Arizona flavor highlights delicious types of fruit and tea, such as ginseng, lemon, strawberry, and passion fruit. Beyond these favorite tastes, though, Arizona also makes more exotic kinds of drinks. Drinkers with a sweet tooth can indulge in a decadent chocolate fudge float soda, while those wishing for a tropical vacation may want to sip on a pina colada flavored beverage. Arizona makes dozens of other teas, sodas, and juices as well, all served up in signature brightly colored cans.

What is the very best type of Arizona tea? It's up to you to decide. Vote your all-time favorites up to the top of the list, and add any delicious drinks that are missing. 
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