The Best At What They Do

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Currently active at What They Do (which is what you are voting on). OK if not at their peak as long as they haven't become hacks.
I give Maximum Respect to all on this list. Each is, IMHO, the best alive at What They Do. The list reflects my personal hobbies and interests and is certainly nowhere near comprehensive. Note: at present, this list is almost all Americans. As it grows, that will change, though it will likely always slant towards the U S of A for a number of different reasons, which I may elucidate on at some point.
List is not ranked by any particular metric - when I think of someone to add I just stick them at the bottom. I've turned on the VoteRank feature to let anyone vote on it and have it rerank once there are a decent amount of votes - but everyone on the list belongs.

Updates: since the list was built I have sadly had to remove two people (Steve Jobs, Elmore Leonard) due to their passings. I also removed Aaron Sorkin as "writer of cinematic dialogue" due to the pompousness of his The Newsroom.
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