The Best Backup Quarterbacks to Reach a Super Bowl

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The quarterback is the heart and soul of a football team, and it's nearly impossible to win a Super Bowl without one. Unfortunately for some NFL teams, their quarterback goes down at an inopportune time during a quest to win the Super Bowl. This is when it's pivotal to have a backup ready to grab the wheel and keep the car on the tracks. This list of the best backup quarterbacks to reach and win a Super Bowl will give you insight into qbs who did exactly that.

While not ideal, quarterback injuries do occur, albeit less often than other positions. It's rare for a backup quarterback to step in and not miss a beat, but on the rare occasion that it does happen, the result is glorious. On this list, you'll find Super Bowl winning quarterbacks such as Nick Foles, Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, Roger Staubach, and other NFL greats.

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