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The Best Band Named After a Saturday Night Live Skit

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List RulesActual functioning bands only, please. This not a list of what could be great band names, but a list of bands that exist.

This list is for the best real band to be named after a Saturday Night Live skit.  These are actual bands, that have played actual gigs and/or releases songs, under a name derived from a skit or commercial from the the TV series: Saturday Night Live.

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    Bill started writing music by age five after being introduced to Bill Haley & The Comets and receiving a keyboard from his parents. As a teenager he acquired a guitar and joined various metal bands. He credits Metallica as one of his earliest influences, and later saw parallels between metal and electronic music.

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    ColonBlow combines the catchy hooks of Cheap Trick with the spirit of Barenaked Ladies. 

     “Devil In Disguise”, the new album by ColonBlow, is a fitting description for the band. Spanning several genres, ColonBlow has managed to wrap rock, blues, singer-songwriter type acoustic, and comedy into one album. The album ranges from self-reflection to straight out, hook-laced, good-time Rock & Roll!

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    Jon Arceneaux- drums
    Chelsea Hines- vocals, violin
    Nick Elstrott- guitar, glock, theramin
    Devin Kerrigan- bass
    Rex Gregory- keys, vocals
    Chris Lenox- guitar

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    Are you afraid of having too much fun? Then watch out for The Landsharks!  As one of the most well-known, well-liked, and in-demand bands in the country, they have also performed throughout the world in thousands of concerts and shows!The Landsharks have appeared with Jimmy Buffett in Key West, and also atMargaritaville, and also opened up for The Beach Boys, in concert! The Landsharkshave performed at The Super Bowl, played over 100 shows in Disney, and Universal Studios, and played for thetroopsoverseas, many times!

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    Bass-O-Matic (better known as Bassomatic), is a British band that made house music in the 1990s. Theband consists of William Orbit and vocalist Sharon Musgrave.