The Best Bands with Black in the Name

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Of all the colorful band names, more use black than any other shade. And while black isn’t technically a color, for the purposes of this list, it sure is. Some of the most noteworthy bands in music history have black in their moniker. You can wonder why – but it's undeniable that adding the word “black” to another word makes it just feel somehow cooler. These are some of the best bands with black in the name.

When it comes to great black band names, it’s hard not to immediately think of Black Sabbath. But the band’s original name was the Earth Blues Company, and later, just Earth. Why the change? The story goes that Geezer Butler had a spooky encounter, and the group recorded a song about the experience. They called it “Black Sabbath,” an homage to the Boris Karloff horror movie. Eventually, Earth morphed into Black Sabbath, and the rest is music history.

Bands with the color black in the name come from all genres of music. Black Flag is heavy metal. The Black Keys are a bluesy-rock band, as are The Black Crowes. The Black Eyed Peas and BLACKstreet are hip hop, and Black Uhuru is reggae/dub. But which is the best? That's up to you to decide.

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Photo: Alberto Cabello Mayero / flickr / CC-BY 2.0
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