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The Best Bands with Blue in the Name

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Plenty of bands have colors in their names, and blue seems to be a popular choice. Need proof? Just look this list of bands with the color blue in the name, many of whom have been around for decades. Bands with blue in the name come from all genres of music and all eras of music history. From the disco and R&B stylings of Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes to alternative bands like Blue Merle and The Blue Nile to straight-up pop bands like Aqua, these bands may be different, but they have one big thing in common: their name.

What blue band springs into your head first? Chances are Blue Öyster Cult immediately comes to mind, especially if you’re a classic rock fan. If you’re wondering how the band got its blue name, it wasn’t because they liked the color. Actually, Blue Öyster Cult's manager wrote a poem, and the musicians got their moniker from it.

Just for fun, this list also includes groups with “blues” in the blue band names – so yes, Blues Traveler, The Moody Blues and The Blues Brothers absolutely count. Would they be your top choices?

Who is your favorite band with blue in the name? Vote them up to number one, and please add any great groups that are missing. You will also find some of these band names on our list of great blue car names.