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The Best Bands with Red in the Name

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Red is often said to be the color of passion, and bands with red in the name reflect this, having a passion and drive to make great music. A lot of popular groups have red, or a variation of red, in their name. These are just a few, and you’ll no doubt recognize plenty of them.

Simply Red is (arguably) one of the better red band names. So, how did this British pop and soul band get its name? From lead singer Mick Hucknall. If you’ve seen him, you know he’s got really red hair. “Red” was his nickname, and this was the band’s original name. Hucknall wanted more, so he added “Simply” – and the rest is music history.

As mentioned, several of these red band names have slight variations on the color. Yes, you'll find the Red Hot Chili Peppers here, but you'll also see rock’s King Crimson, pop rock’s Maroon 5, and Wild Cherry, the funk rock band known for the iconic 1976 song “Play That Funky Music.” You will also find combinations of colors in these bands with the color red in the name, like Blonde Redhead and Green on Red.

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