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When it comes to bands with the color white in the name, the list is long and impressive. Of course, if you really want to get technical, white isn’t actually a color – but for the purposes of this list, it’s part of the wonderful kaleidoscope of colorful bands in music history.

Scroll through this list of white band names, and you'll probably be surprised. Why? Because some of music’s most popular and successful bands have included white in their monikers. For some, like The White Stripes, the decision was obvious: Jack and Meg’s last name is White. But what about Whitesnake? That’s a trickier one. In an interview, Whitesnake founder David Coverdale told a reporter initially that he named the band after a certain, ahem, portion of his anatomy. Some ran with that story, but Coverdale eventually admitted he named his band after a song he wrote while he was with Deep Purple.

Other notable bands with white in the name include The Average White Band, White Zombie, Great White, White Lion, and Plain White T’s. And yes, if you’ve noticed a trend, a few highly successful 80s rock bands used “white” in their names.

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