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Bartending & cocktail apps for iPhone, Android, and other smartphones

This is a list of the best cocktail apps for your smartphone, ranked by users and amateur bartenders, with links to the Apple App Store for each one! The best bar apps allow almost anyone to instantly become a professional bartender. How? Many of the apps allow users to plug in the liquor they have on hand, and churn out unique and awesome drink recipes in seconds. The drinking apps on this list turn novice bartenders into instant experts. A great cocktail app is a must for anyone who loves a great drink to have on their smartphone. Be sure to vote for your favorite cocktail apps, and vote down any that you don't like. Also, if you have a great bartender app that isn't listed, by all means, add it!

The best drinking apps often contain immense databases of drinks, shots and even non-alcoholic drinks. The recipes for great cocktails are seemingly endless, with thousands of ingredients. Some drink apps for iPhone or Android can help you stock your bar, or they can enable you to use whatever you have on hand to create traditional cocktails, or even custom drinks. You can often search by ingredients (liquor, mixers, etc.) and the cocktail apps will spit out several great drink options to try.

Great bar apps exist to help wine lovers, too. If you're a wine novice, you can find drink apps that literally act as a digital sommelier, helping you pair the right wines with certain dishes. From the free bartender app to others of the great bartender applications for your phone, you'll find them all here.

For the drinking aficionado on the go, the best bar apps can often help you find the best happy hour specials at bars and restaurants in your area. Some drinking apps allow others to post where they are and what they're consuming, creating a ginormous pub crawl. There are even bar apps that may help you keep track of your blood-alcohol levels, so you know when to call a taxi (these aren't scientific, proceed with caution). And yes, there are bar apps that allow you to pay your bar or restaurant tab with your phone - so no excuses!

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