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The best A Beautiful Mind quotes make you realize how great the movie really is, even if you haven't seen it in a while. Let's rank the greatest quotes from A Beautiful Mind, with the help of your votes. Starring Russell Crowe and Jennifer Connelly, A Beautiful Mind was directed by Ron Howard and released in 2002.

What is your favorite A Beautiful Mind quote? One memorable line was when Dr. Rosen said, "Because your mind is where your problem is in the first place!" Another great line from A Beautiful Mind is, "There's no mission! I'm not a soldier!" spoken by John.

Vote up your top A Beautiful Mind quotes, regardless of which character they come from.

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Respect For Beer

Charles: You've been in here for two days.
John: You know Hansen's just published another paper? I can't even find a topic for my doctorate.
Charles: Well, on the bright side, you've invented window art.
John: This is a group playing touch football. This is a cluster of pigeons fighting over bread crumbs. And this here is a woman who is chasing a man who stole her purse.
Charles: John, you watched a mugging. That's weird.
John: In competitive behavior, someone always loses.
Charles: Well, my niece knows that, John, and she's about this high.
John: See, if I derive an equilibrium where prevalence is a non-singular event where nobody loses, can you imagine the effect that would have on conflict scenarios, arm negotiations …
Charles: When did you last eat?
John: … currency exchange?
Charles: When did you last eat? You know, food.
John: You have no respect for cognitive reverie, you know that?
Charles: Yes. But pizza – now, pizza I have enormous respect for. And of course beer.
John: I have respect for beer.I have respect for beer!


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John: You knew Oppenheimer?
Parcher: His project was under my supervision.
John: Which project? … That project.
Parcher: It's not that simple.
John: Well, you ended the war.
Parcher: We incinerated over a hundred thousand people.
John: Well, great deeds come at great costs.
Parcher: Your conviction, as it turns out, is a luxury of those sitting on the sidelines, Mr. Nash.

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The First Place

Dr. Rosen: You can't reason your way out of this!
John: Why not? Why can't I?
Dr. Rosen: Because your mind is where your problem is in the first place!


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He Was Wrong

Hansen: Recall the lessons of Adam Smith, the father of modern economics. "In competition …"
Everybody: "… individual ambition serves the common good."
John: Adam Smith needs revision.
Hansen: What are you talking about?
John: Adam Smith said the best result comes from everyone in the group doing what's best for himself. Right? That's what he said, right?
Hansen: Right.
John: Incomplete. Incomplete, okay? Because the best result will come from everyone in the group doing what's best for himself … and the group.
Hansen: Nash, if this is some way for you to get the blonde on your own, you can go to hell.
John: Governing dynamics, gentlemen. Governing dynamics. Adam Smith...he was wrong.


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