The Best Belgian Beers

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List of the best beers from Belgium includes some of the greatest Belgian beers from the country. Belgium boasts in excess of 170 breweries and produces beer varieties from pale lagers to lambics to Flemish reds. The Belgian style of brewing beer has been copied by international breweries from the US to Australia, and there is no shortage of quality found in the top Belgian brews.

List of the greatest beers from Belgium includes all ales and lagers and showcases some of the processes that make Belgian beer great. From the Trappist beers brewed in monasteries under the guidance of a monk to the Abbey beers which are similar to the Trapist style without being brewed in a Trappist monastery. One thing is common of the vast majority of Belgian beer: it's delicious.

What are the greatest beers from Belgium? What is the difference between Trappist and Abbey beers? What Belgian brewery produces the best beers in Belgium? With the sheer number of breweries producing tasty brews, it would be difficult to name all the top beers from Belgium, but the list of great Belgian beers is a good start. If your favorite Belgian beer isn't on the good Belgian beers list, make sure to add it so others can enjoy the fine beer craftsmanship of the region.
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  • St Bernardus Abt 12
    108 votes
    • Brewery / Brand: St. Bernardus Brewery
    • Region: Belgium
  • Westvleteren 12 (Yellow Cap)
    88 votes
    • Brewery / Brand: Westvleteren Brewery
    • Region: Belgium
  • Chimay Blue

    Chimay Blue

    9% alcohol
    124 votes
    • Brewery / Brand: Chimay Brewery
    • Region: Belgium
  • Westmalle Tripel
    123 votes
    • Brewery / Brand: Westmalle Brewery
    • Region: Belgium
  • Orval
    6.2% alcohol
    103 votes
    • Brewery / Brand: Orval Brewery
    • Region: Belgium
  • Rochefort 10
    11.3% alcohol
    87 votes
    • Brewery / Brand: Rochefort Brewery
    • Style: Quadrupel
    • Region: Belgium, Rochefort