WATCH The Best Black Movies Of All Time  

Jordan Bates

"I love the fact that the white characters in Black Panther only exist as plot devices to further the stories of more compelling and nuanced Black characters - I hope white audiences watch it and realize that's how it's been for us in just about every movie since forever."

So tweeted writer Ijeoma Oluo after 2018's release of the first Black-centric superhero film, which won huge praise from the box office and sprung tears from the eyes of thousands of Americans who'd been waiting long lifetimes to a more relatable superhero on the big screen.

That is the power of storytelling, and certainly the power of Black storytelling on the big screen - an industry long decried for its lack of diversity and opportunity for people of color. 

There's a plethora of stellar Black films that vie for the greatest - watch this video and see what claimed the top five spots! But it's also important to realize the power of continuing to allow more voices to tell stories and widen the relatable reach of such films. That way in the future if we're considered about #OscarsSoWhite the answer will, rest assured, be #NotSoMuch.