The Best Black Rock Bands

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Either the band is majority Black or has a clear leader who is (a la Phil Lynott). Solo artists (Jimi) OK. Rock only, no R&B.

A list of the best Black rock bands including a few afro-punk and Black alternative bands. While Black rock musicians and afro-punks might only be a minority within the United States, remember that in other regions such as South America and Africa, they're the majority. The real irony though of Black rock is that rock itself is derived from rock 'n' roll, which in turn was derived from African American jazz and blues. One could argue then that Black rock forms a direct line back to rock's true origins. The African American rock bands on this list are some of the best out there - in any genre.

What is the best Black rock band? What are the names of some Black rock bands? This list mostly contains famous Black rock bands, if you have a favorite that isn't listed, add them and vote up your favorites!

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