The Best Burgers in Los Angeles

The best burger in Los Angeles is a hotly contested topic, and this list of the best burgers in LA is my take on the age-old debate of who has the best burger in the city. Personally, I think a great hamburger is one of the best things in life, so this search to find the top burger in LA is near and dear to both my stomach and my heart.

Finding the best burger joint in LA has become a look at both the fast food, the chain restaurants, and the one-off mom and pop hamburger joints of Los Angeles. Obviously there are niche burger joints in LA that aren't as big and popular as options like The Apple Pan and Father's Office (now ranking nationally as some of the best hamburgers in the US), so go ahead and add them to the list of the greatest burgers in Los Angeles so others can have their say in the great burger debate.

Just so you know, I'm partial to Father's Office because they have sweet potato fries and more amazing beers than you can shake a drunk fist at. And if you haven't been to Irv's and had a double burger with chili cheese fries, you're not living life. And there is truly nothing better than a Jack in the Box ultimate cheeseburger at 3am when you've left the bar. You'll pay for it the next morning, that's for sure, but in the moment there's nothing better. That is all.

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