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The Best Capn Crunch Flavors

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Sweet, crispy, and totally irresistible, Quaker Oats' Capn Crunch is one of the most popular types of cereal available in grocery stores today. But what is the secret to the cereal's success? Maybe it's the texture, which is specially designed to stay crunchy even when doused in milk. Perhaps it's the sugary taste of the little squares. Or maybe it's the multitude of tempting Capn Crunch flavors that have you longing for a second – or third – bowlful.

This list rounds up every flavor of Capn Crunch, from the classic original recipe to some deliciously bizarre innovations. Some of these top flavors are available year-round, like Capn Crunch's Crunch Berries and Cinnamon Roll Crunch. But a few tasty varieties are only available at special times of the year. You'll have to wait until the holidays to sample Christmas Crunch, for instance, with its festive red and green cereal pieces. In the autumn, you can feast on Halloween Crunch featuring Crunch Berries shaped like ghosts.

It's up to you to decide the best kind of Capn Crunch cereal. Vote your favorite flavors up to the top of the list and add any delicious varieties that are missing. Bowl and spoon not provided.