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The Best Car Insurance Companies

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List RulesCompanies that sell car insurance against loss due to theft or accidents

Car insurance is considered a necessary evil by many who drive, but which is the best car insurance company? Many claim to be the best in their incessant commercials, but which really delivers in the time of need? Vote for your favorite car insurance company or add your pick to the list below.

Depending on your situation, any one of these car insurance companies can be the best to meet your needs. Some specialize in affordable car insurance for drivers looking for the state minimum or drivers with poor records while others offer a number of plans for full coverage, roadside assistance and other bells and whistles. Regardless of which level of coverage you choose, if you drive, more than likely you need some type of car insurance.

Car insurance is a funny thing to rate as besides reading reviews from others, it's hard to know how the company will react when it's time to file a claim. Of course no one wants to have to file a claim to find out, hence this list of the best car insurance companies around.

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