The Best Cat Movies

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Only movies that have cats as main characters

Let's talk about the best cat movies ever made. This discussion will even include the best animated cat movies too.These are movies about cats, or featuring a cat as one of the main characters. Not only that, these are the best cat movies. Cat lovers will also enjoy the greatest fictional cats and the best cartoon cats. If you've think we've missed one please feel free to add it in yourself to this list of the best cat movies. As one of our two favorite pets, cats are a safe bet when it comes to making comedies and this is a list of some of those great funny cat films.

Since cats are more difficult to train, there also tends to be fewer cat movies for kids and cat lovers of all ages compared to dog movies. Various cat breeds can be found in these films - and you may even find yourself wanting to adopt some of them. You'll also find the best Disney cat movies on this list too. If you're into felines then we bet you'll find a movie on this list of cat films you'll love. Hopefully we'll be able to add some more cat films to the list in the future!

What are the best cat movies? This cat movies list strives to answer that question.


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