20 Celebrity Families Who Absolutely Slayed Their Group Halloween Costumes

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Celebrities, they're just like you, until they blow you out of the water with their impeccably coordinated celebrity family Halloween costumes. When it comes to Halloween, celebrity families possess a few advantages over the average Joe, namely attractiveness and the funds to create elaborate costumes. Nowadays, celebrity families dressing up for Halloween is an event eagerly anticipated every year, no small thanks to families like the Burtka-Harris's, who kill the costume game every year. Not to be outdone, other famous families also rise to the occasion of All Hallows Eve, blessing the world with numerous and humorous photos of celebrity families in Halloween costumes.

Many of these outfits definitely rank among the best celebrity Halloween costumes of all time, with celeb families getting these group costumes down to a science. Figures from across pop culture, literary characters to sci-fi heroes to legendary musicians, all appear in faithful and sometimes funny recreations below. Never underestimate a celebrity family's Halloween costume, because not only will it look awesome, it'll definitely be cute if kids are involved.