The Best Characters In The It Movie

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Vote up the most memorable characters from the 2017 film adaptation of It

Stephen King’s It took the movie world by surprise in 2017 when it became a sleeper box office smash and earned a whopping $700 million globally. Following the success of the 1990 TV mini-series and the 2017 movie, there just had to be a sequel. The It cast for the 2019 follow-up was announced in July of 2018. Find out which major Hollywood stars will play the grown up versions of the Losers’ Club. Then vote up your favorite It movie characters.

The It film cast features a mostly unknown group of actors. The horror story takes place in the small town of Derry, Maine in 1989. A banded force of underdogs make up the Losers’ Club, who team up together to fight both the local school bullies called the Bowers Gang and the shape-shifting monster, Pennywise, who feeds on children.

In order to get ready for It: Chapter Two, which is scheduled to hit the big screen on September 2019, vote up which character from It 2017 is your favorite. Is it Eddie or Henry or the Losers’ faithful leader Bill?



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  • Eddie is one of the members of The Losers' Club. He is initially a scared young boy but proves his mettle when fighting Pennywise.



  • Richie is the loud-mouth, sarcastic member of The Losers' Club. 

  • Beverly is a pretty girl who becomes one of the bravest and key members of The Losers' Club. 

  • Despite having a stutter, Bill is the leader of The Losers' Club. Pennywise slayed his brother Georgie and Bill is determined to make sure that the monster doesn't continue his evil work. 

  • Stan is a member of The Losers' Club. His father is a rabbi, but Stan is not a very religious boy. 


  • Pennywise


    Pennywise, AKA IT, is the shapeshifting monster that terrorizes and feeds on children. 


  • Mike is a member of The Losers' Club. He is a homeschooled student whose parents died in a fire. 



  • Ben is the overweight kid, but he is also the most intelligent among The Losers' Club.  

  • Georgie Denbrough

    Georgie Denbrough

    Georgie is Bill's little brother. He is lured into the sewer by Pennywise and no one initially knows how or why he disappeared. 

  • Henry Bowers

    Henry is the insane leader of The Bowers Gang of bullies that terrorizes the neighborhood and The Losers' Club. 



  • Patrick is a part of Henry Bowers' gang of neighborhood bullies. He is an early victim of Pennywise.


  • Victor Criss

    Victor Criss

    Vic is second in command among the terrorizing Bower Gang of teens. 

  • Belch

    Belch is a bully and one of Henry's close friends. 

  • Mr. Keene

    Mr. Keene

    Mr. Keene is the local creepy pharmacist and possibly a pedophile.  


  • Sonia Kaspbrak

    Sonia Kaspbrak

    Sonia is the over-bearing mom of Eddie. She tries to keep her son away from the rest of The Losers' Club.


  • Greta Bowie

    Greta Bowie

    Greta lives on the rich side of town. She is also a school bully and is especially mean to Beverly. 

  • Al Marsh

    Al Marsh is Beverly's physically and sexually abusive father.