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The Best Characters In The 1980 The Shining Movie

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Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, adapted from the Stephen King novel, may not have been a big box office hit when it was released in theaters in 1980, however, it is now considered one of the greatest horror films ever made. The Shining cast features a mix of big Hollywood stars and several one-time actors, all breathing life into the book's characters. Which of The Shining film characters is your favorite?

The Shining movie cast is of course led by Jack Nicholson, who played author Jack Torrance. Torrance takes a job as the winter caretaker at the secluded Overlook Hotel because he wants to finish his novel. He brings his wife Wendy and son Danny along with him and Jack quickly falls victim to the hotel’s long history of driving men insane.

The Shining film cast includes several small but memorable roles. Who could forget the creepy ghosts of the Grady sisters who appear to Danny while he is riding his Big Wheel around the hotel? Or how about Lloyd, the deceased bartender who lends Jack an ear while he talks about his family problems? Vote up which of The Shining film cast was the most memorable for you.

  • Jack Torrance1

    Jack Torrance

    Jack Nicholson

    FilmThe Shining

    A writer and the patriarch of the Torrance family. After taking the job of winter caretaker at the Overlook Hotel in an effort to finish his novel, the evilness of the hotel brings out Jack's inner demons and turns him insane. 



  • Danny Torrance2

    Danny Torrance

    Danny Lloyd

    FilmThe Shining

    Jack and Wendy's son who has "the shining," which gives him psychic abilities. 



  • Dick Hallorann3

    Dick Hallorann

    Scatman Crothers

    FilmThe Shining

    The chef at the Overlook Hotel. He also (like Danny) has "the shining" and can communicate with the young boy telepathically. 


  • Wendy Torrance4

    Wendy Torrance

    Shelley Duvall

    FilmThe Shining

    The matriarch of the Torrance family, she tries to save herself and her son Danny once she discovers that her husband has lost his mind. 

  • Lloyd5


    Joe Turkel

    FilmThe Shining

    The very much not-alive-but-happy-to-chat bartender at the Overlook Hotel that Jack talks to while he is losing his mind. 



  • Grady Daughters6

    Grady Daughters

    Lisa and Louise Burns

    FilmThe Shining

    The Grady daughters are the ghosts of the two murdered sisters that Danny sees while he is cruising around the hotel on his Big Wheel. 


  • (Delbert) Grady7

    (Delbert) Grady

    Philip Stone

    FilmThe Shining

    Delbert served as a caretaker at the Overlook Hotel before Jack. He lost his mind, killing his wife and two children before shooting himself in the head. 



  • Young Woman in Bath8

    Young Woman in Bath

    Lia Beldam

    FilmThe Shining

    The beautiful, young woman in the bath may not speak a single word, but she does give Jack a kiss and a hug before turning into a rotting corpse. 



  • Stuart Ullman9

    Stuart Ullman

    Barry Nelson

    FilmThe Shining

    The general manager at the Overlook Hotel. He warns Jack during his job interview of the terrible fate of the previous winter caretaker of the Overlook.



  • Larry Durkin10

    Larry Durkin

    Tony Burton

    FilmThe Shining

    The garage owner who rents out the Sno-cat so Hallorann can travel in the inclement weather up to the Overlook Hotel.




  • Bill Watson11

    Bill Watson

    Barry Dennen

    FilmThe Shining

    Bill has family ties to the Overlook Hotel's founder and he serves as the in-season caretaker.