The Best Chex Flavors

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Wholesome, simple, and filling, Chex has been a family-favorite cereal brand since it first hit grocery store shelves in 1937. The little squares got their name from their distinctive checkerboard patterning, a feature that gives them a uniquely crunchy texture. Whether enjoyed with a bowlful of cold milk or stirred into sweet or savory Chex Mix, Chex cereals in all flavors make tasty snacks for breakfast or anytime.

What is the best kind of Chex cereal? General Mills continues to update their long-running breakfast staple with new types of exciting flavors. Some types of Chex highlight whole grain flavors, such as Wheat Chex, Corn Chex, and Rice Chex. Other top Chex flavors bring a touch of sweetness to the table, whether it's the fruity notes of Strawberry Chex or the dessert-like tastes of Chocolate and Vanilla Chex. Many varieties of Chex even offer gluten-free recipes for diners with allergies. There's a box of Chex for every eater.

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