The Best Chinese Restaurant Chains

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Restaurant franchises with Chinese food only

A list of the best Chinese restaurant chains. Ranked in order of most popular Chinese restaurants to least popular, it is easy to find that special Chinese restaurant chain by browsing through this list and seeing which Chinese restaurants have been voted the top Chinese restaurants of the area. If you see a particular favorite Chinese restaurant that you really enjoy eating at, but it’s ranked lower on the list, go ahead and vote for it so that it can get placed at the top as one of the best Chinese restaurants to visit. You can also add favorite Chinese chain restaurants to the list if you don’t see the ones you like to dine at listed.

Are you in the mood for Chinese food but don’t know where to go for the best-tasting Chinese cuisine? There can be a big difference in Chinese restaurants, such as Panda Express and Pei Wei. Some have different nationalities of foods and a wider variety of items. Some have excellent buffets where you can choose any type of Chinese food items you are craving, all in the same meal. Still others vary a great deal in prices, and you can get great portions for a great price.

Whether you are looking for variety, nationality or a great value for the price, you are sure to find something that pleases you in this list of the top Chinese restaurant chains. Chances are you will find a new Chinese chain restaurant close to you that you didn’t even know was there!

Most divisive: Din Tai Fung
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