The Best Citizen Kane Quotes

Citizen Kane quotes are certainly quotable for movie fans. These are some of the best quotes from the Orson Welles drama Citizen Kane as determined by you and your votes. Regarded as the best film of all time by many critics, the 1941 Citizen Kane was Welles's first feature film. In addition to directing and starring in the film, Welles also produced and co-wrote the script, which won the 1942 Oscar for Best Original Screenplay. Released on September 5, 1941, the tagline for Citizen Kane was "The classic story of power and the press."

What are the best Citizen Kane quotes? Do you like the exchange between Susan and Charles: "I don't know many people." / "I know too many people. I guess we're both lonely"? Or do you like some of the lesser known lines from the film? Let it be known. Vote for your top Citizen Kane quotes and watch them rise to the top of the list.

  • Gossip Of Housewives
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    Charles: Now look, Mr. Carter, here's a front-page story in the Chronicle about a Mrs. Harry Silverstone in Brooklyn who's missing. Now, she's probably murdered. Here's a picture of her in the Chronicle. Why isn't there something about it in the Inquirer?
    Carter: Because we are running a newspaper...
    Carter: There's no proof that that woman is murdered, or even that she's dead...It's not our function to report the gossip of housewives. If we were interested in that kind of thing, Mr. Kane, we could fill the paper twice over daily.
    Charles: Mr. Carter, that's the kind of thing we are going to be interested in, from now on.
  • Leland: These men who were with the Chronicle. Weren't they just as devoted to the Chronicle politics as they are now to our policies?
    Bernstein: Sure, they're just like anybody else. They got work to do, they do it! Only they happen to be the best men in the business!
    Leland: Do we stand for the same things the Chronicle stands for, Bernstein?
    Bernstein: Certainly not. Listen, Mr. Kane, he'll have them changed to his kind of newspapermen in a week!
    Leland: There's always a chance, of course, that they'll change Mr. Kane, without his knowing it.
  • Corrected One Of These Days
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    Emily: Sometimes, I think I'd prefer a rival of flesh-and-blood.
    Charles: Oh Emily, I don't spend that much time on the newspaper.
    Emily: It isn't just the time. It's what you print - attacking the President.
    Charles: You mean Uncle John.
    Emily: I mean the President of the United States.
    Charles: He's still Uncle John, and he's still a well-meaning fathead who's letting a pack of high-pressure crooks run his administration. This whole oil scandal...
    Emily: He happens to be the President, Charles, not you.
    Charles: That's a mistake that will be corrected one of these days.
  • Emily: Really Charles, people will think...
    Charles: ...what I tell them to think.